Attenndance reporting and management

BadgeMe replaces attendance management devices and provides a reliable attendance management software system through the attendance management app and attendance management software in the cloud.

Attendance management app

Attendance management app

Just with a smartphone!

Clocking by the app. Clock in, clock out or report presence is really simple. No RFID cards or time attendance devices are required. All you need is your smartphone and a few simple taps.

Virtual Time Attendance Device

Geolocated time attendance

With BadgeMe, there is no need to purchase, install and maintain expensive time attendance devices. The time attendance devices and the RFID cards are digital and stored by the time attendance app on the smartphone

Time attendance system in cloud

Time attendance in the cloud

Timbrature in cloud

Time attendance system

Clocking details are reported in real-time to the cloud. Thanks to the time attendance system software, they are accessible from any browser anywhere you are, log in and check.

Finally, the attendance management becomes easy

Through the time-keeping app

BadgeMe is super simple, and with the free plan, it's forever free. Download the attendance management app from Google Playstore or Apple Store and register for the service. Create your organization, your virtual time attendance devices, and your virtual work ID Card

Attendance management easy

Clocking analysis algo

Clock in, clock out, delay, over time, worked hours, and more

BadgeMe manages leaves and sickness periods. The employee requests leaves and holidays from the app, and the manager approves them from the app. The flow is very simple and intuitive.

analisi timbrature

Leave period: requests and approvals flow

Leaves and holidays management

BadgeMe manages leaves and sickness period. The employee requests leaves and holidays from the app and the manager approves them from the app. The flow is very simple and intuitive.

days of app

Follows the activities of your team


Activities in real-time

Maintenance, installation, collection, delivery, or any other activity. You know exactly what has been completed, at what time, where and by whom. With BadgeMe, it is possible to report and track the activities carried out by the team in the field.

Your form management app

Form management

Fill and sign your forms from the app. At each intervention, you can fill in your forms directly from the app and have them available in real-time, thanks to the web console.

Form Management app

Team communications

Work communications

Communicate with your team

Team messages with acknowledgment of receipt based on digital signature. Communications can be sent by users to the administration and by the administration to users.

Download timesheet file

Reporting is the core of attendance management

Generation of attendance and leave reports is essential for company management. Attendance reports support organizations in organizing the workforce better and accurately calculating payroll. Badgeme allows administrators and users to consult reports online through the attendance management software in the cloud. In addition, reports can be downloaded in different formats.

Time attendance software