Real-time activities management and reporting app

BadgeMe is a very useful tool to report activities performed by the team on the field. Activities can be reported in real-time by selecting items from a list or filling in more complex forms and are available in real-time from the web console.

Follow your team activities

Activities reporting app

Report activities in real-time. At each clocking action, it is possible to report activities performed by selecting from a list or filling in more complex forms. Activities lists and forms are fully customizable. .

Form Management app

You always know what has been done

Who, where and when

Follow in real-time every activity of your team. So for each activity, you know exactly what has been done, where, when, and who has worked on it.

Fill in your forms

Form management app

For each activity, the team fills in and signs company forms. You can fill in your forms directly in the app. And through the clouds and web consoles, consultants' activities are available in real-time.


Personalized forms


App shows your forms

With BadgeMe, your forms are available within the app, ready to be filled in by the team. In addition, forms are fully customizable with logos and all information needed.

Activities Management Software

Activities system

Follow your team activities in real-time with BadgeMe activities management system. You always know which activity has been carried out, by whom, at what time, and in which place. If needed, you can request the team to fill in your forms and to sign in by the app.

Activities management