Time attendance management is easy

With BadgeMe, time attendance devices and work RFID cards turn digital and are managed through the time attendance app. Neither installation nor maintenance is required.

Geolocated time attendance


Time attendance app

BadgeMe turns time attendance devices into virtual systems. Neither installation nor maintenance is required. Instead, everything becomes easy with the time attendance app on the smartphone.

BadgeMe cut costs

Attendance management at the right cost

Purchase, installation, and management costs of time attendance devices are no longer the blocking point for an accurate recording of time attendance and hours worked. And with BadgeMe free plan, everything is for free.

Work RFID Cards

Badge digitali

Work RFID cards turn to digital

Work RFID cards used to clock in and out turn to digital and are stored in the time attendance app on the smartphone—no more lost or forgotten cards.

Multiple Badge Point

More time attendance machines to reduce the costs

BadgeMe: one comprehensive service to manage staff attendance in multiple locations. Without any additional effort and at a very low cost.

Managing employees’ attendance in multiple locations is no longer an expensive problem. BadgeMe collects staff clocking time. From everywhere. And you can get access in real-time to collect data through the web console. So without being present on-site, you always know who is in, clock in, and clock out time.



Badgeme Beacons

Do you need very small clocking areas? Up to a few meters? Use BadgeMe beacons. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices measuring a few centimeters in size.

What are BadgeMe beacons?

Restricted clocking areas up to a few meters

Beacons are small Bluetooth devices battery-powered that do not require any electrical connection. The battery lasts several years, and with the double-sided tape supplied with the beacon, you can mouth them everywhere.

Cosa sono i beacon