All-in-one Attendance Management Solution

Attendance management system based on an app. No time attendance devices and RFID cards are required. Works for organizations operating from a single site or distributed over multiple sites. The attendance app is available for free on App Store and Google Play.

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Main features

Attendance management? Never so easy and convenient. Will not miss a minute of working time.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Clocking by the attendance app. Recorded timestamps are available in real-time through the web console.



Follow up in real-time team activities. You'll always know what has been done by whom, where, and when.

Time Attendance Devices

Time Attendance Devices

Fraud prevention algorithms. User authentication by biometry and PIN at each clocking action.



No need for time attendance devices. Everything in the attendance management app. No installation is required.

Time off, leave, and holiday

Time off, leave, and holiday

Time off requests and approvals through the app. Users requests manager approve workflow.



Comprehensive reports with clocking action, delays, worked hours, overtime, and more.

Why BadgeMe?

BadgeMe is super easy, and with the free plan, it's free forever. In addition, the attendance management app allows one to manage attendance, days off, weekly shifts, activities, calculates overtime, delays, and more.

BadgeMe is comprehensive

All you need from an attendance management system is available within a single service.

BadgeMe is convenient

You need just the smartphone. No need to buy time attendance devices. And with the free plan, BadgeMe is free.

BadgeMe is easy

Intuitive to configure and easy to use. Despite if your organization has a single site or multiple sites.

BadgeMe works from everywhere

In your site, at the customer, in the street, in the shop at the delivery or collection point, outside and inside.

Attendance Management App

app rilevazione presenze

Time tracking app

Clocking by the app. Clock in, clock out or report presence is really simple. No RFID cards or time attendance devices are required. All you need is your smartphone and a few simple taps.

Geolocated Time Attendance

Time attendance app

BadgeMe turns time attendance devices to virtual. Neither installation nor maintenance is required. Everything is easy with the time attendance app on the smartphone.


RFID Cards

Badge digitali

RFID cards in the app

With BadgeMe, RFID cards used to clock in and out turns to digital and are stored in the time attendance app on the smartphone. No more lost or forgotten RFID cards.

Attendance management over multiple sites?

More time attendance machines cut the costs

BadgeMe: one comprehensive service to manage staff attendance in multiple locations. Without any additional effort and at a very low cost.

Managing employees’ attendance in multiple locations is no longer an expensive problem. BadgeMe collects staff clocking time. From everywhere. And you can get access in real-time to collect data through the web console. So without being present on-site, you always know who is in, clock in, and clock out time.


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why is BadgeMe so convenient?

BadgeMe is convenient because it cuts the cons of purchase, installation, and immanence of time attendance devices. Moreover, you have everything you need in a single attendance management systems. This allows for important savings.

2. Should I buy a time attendance device?

No, there is no need for time attendance devices. With BadgeMe, time attendance devices became geolocated areas. So you need to configure these areas through the web console by selecting the area on a map.

3. Can I clock from different locations?

Yes, you can. If your organization operates in several locations, whether stable in time or not, you can set up the time attendance system to accept clocking action only in the proximity of your sites.