Time off management system

BadgeMe manages requests and approval of leave periods within your organization through the time off management software in the cloud and the attendance management app. BadgeMe implements an easy and straightforward workflow.

Time off management workflow

Leave Management app

Time off requests and approvals

The Attendance Management System BadgeMe manages the time off the workflow. Users can request time off through the app, and the manager can approve or reject the request through the app.

Time off is requested through the app

Request workflow

Users can request time off permits through the attendance management app. Users will report the time period and reason. The manager receives notification and decides if approve or reject the request.

Leave and holiday management app

Time off requests are approved through the app​

Approved leave app

Approval workflow

Requested time off must be approved by the manager by means of the app only after the manager approval absence from the workplace is authorized and accounted into reports and analytics.

Sick Leave Management

BadgeMe manages sick leave

BadgeMe manages sick leave through the attendance management app. User reports absence due to illness, communicating start date, presumed end date, and eventually any other needed detail as a note. Responsible for acknowledging the reception.

Sickness leave app

Presence in real-time on the web console​

Web console

The attendance management system BadgeMe reports online and in real-time through the web console people present at work place. The system work for a single site or for multiple sites.

Attendance management system

Attendance management software in the cloud

Connect to the attendance management system through the web console and get a comprehensive picture of your workforce. In real-time, you know who is in and out, who took a permission leave or is in smart working, which activities have been completed, and what is still pending.

Everything is under control and easily accessible from everywhere.

leave management system