Top 5 Attendance tracking app 2021

Marking the attendance of employees is one important task that needs to be done in the most error-free manner. Also, over the years as technology has advanced the way of recording employee attendance for accuracy has shifted from manual punching to biometric and employee tracking apps as well. All this has happened in very less duration of time. HR and managers have got various options to choose from due to the increasing use of such attendance tracking apps. As the market is full of options, choosing the best one for your employees can be one tough task. Every type of tracking app provides solutions that vary in some or other ways from others. It can become confusing to decide which attendance tracking app is best. This is the reason that we have got you a list of five attendance tracking apps that you can try in 2021.

1 Badge Me We

You can create your own virtual time stamps, virtual badges using this app. It is available for both Google Play Store and Apple store. In just a few clicks you will be able to start the complete system for managing the attendance of your company. This app is great for registering attendances for various gym sessions or courses. It also has services that offer a virtual clock-in system and digital flow management. Apart from such great options, it provides solutions for requesting and approving various leaves and holidays.

 2 Edsys Timetable and Attendance Management

Edsys provides solutions for schools, universities, and colleges. Attendance management along with timetable management are some of the solutions that this app provides. Edsys is a popular option for various educational institutions to keep track attendance of the students.

3 Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is one of the cloud-based solutions that offer a lot more than just attendance tracking. It also comes along with additional features such as payroll calculation and leaves management.


This is amongst that solution that was created for the purpose of school attendance but in recent times it is used by various educational events and even for employee attendance too. It is basically a digital attendance register in which teachers or employees can enter the employee or student data on the cloud and even access it anytime and anywhere.

5 Time Station

Another well-known simple cloud-based app that is used for tracking attendance is Time Station. This technology is quite simple. In this app, a manager can easily sign up their company along with the company employees and create a separate bar code for each employee. The barcode is then given to each employee to scan it for a punch in and punch out.

All the above-given attendance tracking apps are good with the varied solutions that they provide. In order to choose the best attendance tracking app from all of the above-given options make sure you consider factors like company requirements and the number of employees. Apart from these basic factors, choose the app depending upon the work hierarchy that you follow in the company. All these are helpful in choosing the best attendance tracking app.

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