The coronavirus outbreak has made everyone’s life upside down. Every individual and every organization have been affected as the COVID-19 spread globally. Everyone is struggling with the global crisis and the world has been changed forever.

Earlier in normal days, keeping track of your employees’ attendance was easy and the time is not normal anymore. The arrival of Covid-19 has made it tough for businesses to keep track of their employees’ attendance. With so many things to keep in mind, it seems how complex it can be to manage the attendance of your employees. However, you don’t have to worry about anything as, you can use an attendance management app to make the job easy during the pandemic.

To address your concern of making attendance easy, organizations can remove the hassles with technology solutions and use attendance management applications to track absence. Of course, the app comes in handy when you want to manage attendance and ensure maximum productivity for your business. Even dealing with the new challenges will become easier when you choose to invest in the best attendance app.

Here’s how an attendance management app can make things easy for your organization:

No Queue at Timekeeping Machines

Maintaining fair and accurate records of employees’ attendance at the workplace is no longer a tiresome job. In fact, no queuing at timekeeping machines makes it easy for all to follow COVID-19 protocols. You can easily get complete insight into the hours that your employees spend working for your organization. You can easily track regular entries of time in and time out.

Manage App with Your Device Smartly

Making entries of time in and time out seems easy with just a touch of your own device. You can easily manage this app with your smartphone smartly. You just need a device that is managed by you only to operate the app. In fact, you can clean it carefully and promote the habit of sanitization to create a safe and hygienic environment for you and your employees.

Get Your Own ID Badge

ID badges make the action easy with people in your organization. You can easily limit the entries of people in your organizations. You can easily operate with a few people and use this badge outside to track the working hours of your employees. Apart from this, a badge will give you a unique identity and help you maintain workplace hygiene rules without any inconvenience.

If you are desperately searching for the technology solutions to keep track of your employees’ attendance, you might need this attendance management App. In the midst of coronavirus outbreaks, social distancing and other hygiene protocols have become an important part of everyone’s life. To ensure safety and improved hygiene, this attendance management app is created. This app makes it easy for you to increase your efforts of implementing permanent changes in life.

The app is designed to give you accurate records. The level of ease and accuracy that it serves speak a lot about how this attendance management app can support your organization in keeping records of punch in and punch out time in this COVID pandemic era.


Monitoring your employees is one of the most critical steps you need to take as a business owner simply because doing so will help you generate more productivity and easily make the most of your employees. With project deadlines to client satisfaction, you have to make sure your employees are working together for the betterment of your company and this is where seeking the help of a professional attendance monitoring app with badge points and virtual badges can be beneficial. Wondering how? Take a look below to better understand how monitoring your employees can significantly refine and increase productivity in your business.

You can analyze mistakes!

By far one of the biggest mistakes employees make is not managing time resourcefully. Unprofessional management of time can cause your company beneficial clients and damage the overall reputation of your company. By taking the help of a professionally designed time monitoring app you can easily analyze whether your employees are clocking in on time or not. That’s not all, there might be other important factors involved in your employee’s poor time management, and a real-time monitoring app with virtual badges can help you understand them easily. You can conveniently change your timings according to your employee’s satisfaction and effortlessly make the most of them while increasing your productivity.

Granting leave becomes easy!

It is no secret that the traditional method of applying for leave is extremely complicated and time- consuming. Your employees can sometimes feel undervalued and de-motivated because of it. The key to employee satisfaction is listening to their needs and having an attendance monitoring app with virtual badges can easily help you see all leave applications in one place and help you make decisions as fast as possible. You can also conveniently check the applicant’s history and see whether they are deserving of their applied leave or not. Eventually, this modern and new way of monitoring your employees will help you make better, more strong connections with them while helping you ensure that your management works in a smooth and reliable way.

Keeping records becomes easy!

Lastly, the biggest benefit of using a real-time motioning app is that keeping records of attendance will become extremely easy and convenient for you. It is no secret that the old way of tracking employee attendance is not only difficult but also extremely unreliable as there is no authentication step required and anyone can easily fill in for anyone else. Fortunately using the best time monitoring app for your business can help you stop such common practices among employees. This is because the best apps will use secure authentication steps with biometrics and passwords to make sure employees cannot sign in on behalf of other employees. That’s not all the best apps will also provide you with all the attendance data in one place and with just a few clicks you can easily get reports filtered according to your needs saving you both time and energy.


No matter how big or small your organization is, tracking and monitoring your employee’s work time and attendance is important. The traditional method of clocking work time and attendance is extremely complicated and risky. Maintaining registers for attendance is difficult and with time, storing old attendance registers can become highly inconvenient. At the time of the payroll, the old methods can cause difficulties for your HR team while making it strenuous for them to create a cost-effective work environment. This is why it is important that you seek help from a professional online time attendance software app. It can not only help you monitor your employee’s attendance but granting leave and tracking absentees will also become easier. Take a look below to further understand the advantages of using an online time attendance app.

It can help reduce errors and mistakes!

As mentioned before, maintaining attendance and time records of your employees is difficult. As a business owner, you have to make sure that your business is running to its full potential with the help of dynamic and professional employees. This is where having attendance and time monitoring app can be beneficial as it can easily track and monitor your employees without any difficulties. It can also eliminate the chances of human errors and show you a better statistic of your management workforce and their efficiency.

It increases security and productivity!

One of the most common practices among employees is clocking out for other employees. This can not only result in low productivity of your business but also ruin the overall quality. You have to make sure you’re that the money you pay to your employees is not going to waste. Having a professional attendance and time monitoring app can help you analyze which employees are not working to their full potential and make the right decision regarding them. That’s not all, when employees notice the effect of your monitoring they will automatically be pushed forward to being more productive and hardworking.

It helps you create a better work environment!

Lastly, the last thing you’ll want is employees parting ways from your business due to a poor work environment. Hiring new employees can be a long process and training them to your liking can take months of guidance and practice. A professional app for monitoring your employee’s time and attendance will also help you review and consider absence requests and leaves from your employees. Where previously employees had to go through a dozen of steps to ask for a leave, such apps will make the work easier for them while helping your decision making as well. This will also significantly improve your employee satisfaction which will result in better work quality and turnover.

So, no more unhappy or unproductive employees. Search online and find the best app for time and attendance management and have a smooth and reliable experience using their services. The best app will offer you zero cost services helping you save your time and money while significantly improving your overall work environment and business productivity with ease.


Marking the attendance of employees is one important task that needs to be done in the most error-free manner. Also, over the years as technology has advanced the way of recording employee attendance for accuracy has shifted from manual punching to biometric and employee tracking apps as well. All this has happened in very less duration of time. HR and managers have got various options to choose from due to the increasing use of such attendance tracking apps. As the market is full of options, choosing the best one for your employees can be one tough task. Every type of tracking app provides solutions that vary in some or other ways from others. It can become confusing to decide which attendance tracking app is best. This is the reason that we have got you a list of five attendance tracking apps that you can try in 2021.

1 Badge Me We

You can create your own virtual time stamps, virtual badges using this app. It is available for both Google Play Store and Apple store. In just a few clicks you will be able to start the complete system for managing the attendance of your company. This app is great for registering attendances for various gym sessions or courses. It also has services that offer a virtual clock-in system and digital flow management. Apart from such great options, it provides solutions for requesting and approving various leaves and holidays.

 2 Edsys Timetable and Attendance Management

Edsys provides solutions for schools, universities, and colleges. Attendance management along with timetable management are some of the solutions that this app provides. Edsys is a popular option for various educational institutions to keep track attendance of the students.

3 Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is one of the cloud-based solutions that offer a lot more than just attendance tracking. It also comes along with additional features such as payroll calculation and leaves management.


This is amongst that solution that was created for the purpose of school attendance but in recent times it is used by various educational events and even for employee attendance too. It is basically a digital attendance register in which teachers or employees can enter the employee or student data on the cloud and even access it anytime and anywhere.

5 Time Station

Another well-known simple cloud-based app that is used for tracking attendance is Time Station. This technology is quite simple. In this app, a manager can easily sign up their company along with the company employees and create a separate bar code for each employee. The barcode is then given to each employee to scan it for a punch in and punch out.

All the above-given attendance tracking apps are good with the varied solutions that they provide. In order to choose the best attendance tracking app from all of the above-given options make sure you consider factors like company requirements and the number of employees. Apart from these basic factors, choose the app depending upon the work hierarchy that you follow in the company. All these are helpful in choosing the best attendance tracking app.


Keeping a proper attendance record is one major part of every business. This part requires a lot of precision as it directly impacts the employee salaries of the company. Various stamping apps have made attendance record keeping a lot simple. You can even opt for a stamping app for your business. Maintaining records for employee’s attendance and salaries can be a tough and tiring task. It is also understandable when you run a company you wish to get every small task done without much time investment for the completion of it. Using such the latest technology for keeping records helps in efficiency and better time management. Especially for the HR team, the use of these stamping apps is very crucial. To understand the importance of opting for such stamping apps, you must know about the various benefits of using them for your business in 2021.

1 Trustworthy Data

Many times, the record-keeping of payrolls on a manual basis results in slightly wrong data. But, in the case of a stamping app, this problem of getting incorrect data gets eliminated. As the data which is drawn by this method is live and honest. Also, you get the perk of accessing the data anytime and anywhere to crosscheck in case of any doubt. Also, in case of irregularities or any such problem, data can be accessed and the problem can be seen in a much clearer manner.

2 Automated Company Rules

It is easy to configure such stamping app rules to administer in-office rules. For instance, if a company works on a flexi-time model then they will not require to track the hourly data on a manual basis as everything gets automated. The system helps in knowing the employee’s attendance data on a regular basis. This way as a company owner you can fix a certain rule which helps in making it possible for everyone to easily track the total working hours and follow the rules.

3 Increase the Productivity

One of the major factors that a company owner usually works towards is increasing the level of productivity of employees. Eliminating or decreasing the manual recording of attendance can help in saving a lot of time in keeping a record and making salaries. It can help in increasing productivity levels. The correct amount of data is easy to fetch with the help of a stamping app. No extra effort is required to be made for going as it can be accessed at any point in time. This helps in significantly reducing the time consumed in recording the same on a manual basis.

All of the above-given benefits will help you to understand all about the stamping app necessity for your business in 2021. It is really necessary to understand that technological advancement can bring great benefits for everyone including a business owner and the employees working in a company. Thus, using all such technological advancements is a must for better and smoother working.